Making Memories.

What’s your perfect recipe for having a good weekend? Good friends? Nice places and good music? Good food and drinks? Having a cute dog to cheer you with tail waggings? Say no more.

After a period ahead of us with a bunch of successfully finished projects, we decided that it’s about time to celebrate and to make a few glass raisings for being so productive and awesome.


First, we needed to decide the location. It’s summer, right? A little beachin’ never hurt nobody. We have an amazing city in Macedonia called Ohrid, full of beaches with breathtaking sunsets so location would not be a problem at all.

Pack your bags, it’s team building time!


We arrived Saturday morning at Tino Hotel in Ohrid and after accommodating in the lake view rooms, the team building started with 4 hours of training. Thanks to our coach Milosh, we had a chance to improve our communication, presentation and leadership skills. After those few hours filled with a lot of laughing and getting to know each other better we closed up the day with a dinner and a party in the town.





The second day was a day to remember.

Geared up with sunscreen lotion, we headed to Orevche Beach. Enjoying the good cocktails, the delicious pizza and some GREAT music we spent the day together making memories.




What’s better than enjoying a sunny day in September?
Enjoying it with great friends!

To many more successful projects and reasons to celebrate!

Until next time.